Are You Ignoring

God's Financial Laws?

The answer to the world's economic woes is found in the greatest economic textbook ever written the Bible. Since Christians have not considered the Bible as an economic book, we have not seen that God already has the answer to our financial problems.

Kingdom Economic thinking opens the doors to insights that will not only solve your personal financial issues but will allow you to seek first the Kingdom of God.

While we are citizens of our earthly government, we are also citizens of The Kingdom. Jesus taught that His Kingdom transcends both heaven and earth.

You don’t have to wait until you die to receive your citizenship
benefit package. It starts the moment you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and continues for eternity.

Jesus talked constantly about His Kingdom, and he told his disciples to preach His Kingdom. Dr. Marlene wants to help you understand the Kingdom so you can be better equipped to be effective in your Christian life, to help the next generation fulfill their Kingdom purpose, and to be empowered for positive Cultural Transformation.

Start applying God's economic laws today ... Are you ready?




The 5 Pillars of Kingdom Economics includes 8 audio CDs:


- Introduction


Pillar 1 -- Truth

Facts Vs. Opinions.

Absolutes Vs. Relativism.

To have clear Kingdom thinking you have to have clear premises and be willing
to reduce your thoughts down to the premises on which your ideas are based.
Kingdom thinking is built on Biblical thinking and reasoning.


Pillar 2 -- Cause To Effect

Where you will see that ideas have consequences. Everything that happens to you is the result of an idea. When cause to effect thinking is lost from a society mass insecurity sets in and the predictability that allows economic prosperity disappears. Culture degrades when the predictability of our actions is ignored.


Pillar 3 -- Character

Stewarding the Kingdom of God

You can only be trusted to steward that which you have the character to maintain. Why would you expect God to give you more if you fail to steward what you already have for Kingdom Purposes?


Pillar 4 -- Independent Vs. Dependent

Where you will realize that you are only as independent as you are responsible. Kingdom living requires trusting in God's economy, assuming personal responsibility, and not being dependent on man's economic system.


Pillar 5 -- God-Given Rights

Where you will understand that success in economic endeavors is your God-given right. You have the right (and therefore the responsibility) to succeed. Rights come from God, not man's institutions. Fulfilling your kingdom purpose depends on accepting God's mandate to be as productive as possible and then to use your prosperity for Kingdom purposes.


- Bonus CDs

How to Have Kingdom Cultural Transformation

Solutions for Conquering the Education Mountain


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Are you concerned about the economic crisis going on all around you?


Many of our current economic problems are really spiritual problems in need of spiritual solutions. The Bible is a book of law, a book of government, a book of economics -- in fact, not only is the Bible the best text book every written on economics, the Bible applies to every single area of daily life.

Kingdom Economic thinking requires Kingdom thinking; and Kingdom thinking requires Biblical thinking and reasoning.



The 5 Pillars of Kingdom Economics





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